Nutritional Coaching and Personal Training

One-on One Nutritional Coaching and Personal Training


Welcome to Body Tuned By Fitness & Nutrition. A place where you question is YOUR Body Tuned?

You decide your goals and we take care of the rest. 

We offer both Online and In-Studio training program's for a wide variety of goals.
From young aspiring athletes to get a competitive edge on their competition, to post par tum moms and couples who want to train together to be the best they can be. To older clients who want to get their spring back and build some strength and independence.

 We will help you achieve your goals through a bespoke fitness and nutrition program. All you have to put in is the effort, but since you are reading this you are already one step closer to your goal.

Contact us an begin your journey to you, the fitter, stronger, healthier Body Tuned By YOU!

With a combined total of over 35 years of working with the human body, you have arrived at the right place to get your body tuned. To perform, look and feel its Best!

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Monthly Personalized Training & Nutrition Meal Plans.

  • Goal Definition  Direction
  • Accountability
  • Bi-Weekly Phots & Meaurments
  • Personalized Training Plan (no cookie cutter program here)  We will consider your lifestyle, current body composition and goals and alter the program throughout the months as you progress.
  • Guidance & Expertise 
  • Support

Minimum of 3 Months

Total Body Resistance Band Workout

A total body workout with a Resistance Band! 

All you need is a resistance band of your choice, some music and something to attch your band to!  Enjoy, Laura