About Us


About Body Tuned By

 BODY TUNED BY is a home based business serving the Stouffville area one body at a time. 
Readers Choice Awards for
-Best MASSAGE THERAPIST (2014 & 2013)
-Best REFLEXOLOGIST (2015, 2014 & 2013) 
-Best ESTHETICIAN (2018,2017, 2016 ,2015 & 2014)
-2014 Patients Choice awards for Top 10 RMT  


Meet Stavros

 Stavros is  a York University Graduate specializing in  Kinesiology & Health Science,  Honours Registered Massage Therapist &
Certified Reflexologist with over 20 years of experience. ​ His training does not stop there.  Over the years he has rehabilitated and brought people from all walks of life back to doing what they do best.  Living at their utmost best, pain free.  He is a mechanic for your body.  His understanding of  injury bio-mechanics allows him to pin point with accuracy the issue often overlooked by other practitioners.  His love of the human body and its design can be seen in the way he explains your injury and the treatment plan to get you back to 100%.  His specialization in deep tissue, myofacial trigger point therapy, intra oral massage and exercise therapy will leave you asking the question, "why did I not come sooner to get treated."  Pre natal post natal, children, adults, professional athletes and weekend warriors, you need to get your Body Tuned by Stavros...or else its not really Tuned.


Meet Laura

 Laura  is a representation of natural beauty and health.  As a muliti award wining Medical Esthetician , a published fitness model who also coaches clients on fitness and nutrition.  There is no way to hide behind what she preaches.  She is what she preaches  No surgeries here, just the most advanced laser and light therapy to tighten skin, remove damaged spots and leave you looking younger and more beautiful then ever, naturally!  Not just the outside that she can treat but the insides through personal fitness and nutrition to get you the body you always wanted.  What can Laura at Body Tuned By do for you? Call her and she can open you to a world of Medical Esthetics you never even knew existed thanks to her 15 years of experience.